Search And Seizure

Vintage Words


SEARCH the system for programming
because if you see it on a menu then it
will definitely make sense. If not there,

improvise. Canvas the memory for

better tools to access a better list

to exploit.

SEARCH the private home network
to see who did what on line and when

while taking a peek under the mattress

and confiscating the stash.
SEARCH means to take a close-up gander

at all the fine things you have in your

house then taking a harder look

for that which or who has been lost.

The opposite or result of search may

or may not be found.








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So Lady A, one question.. have you found what you are looking for?? I personally think if we stop looking, stop searching and digging deeper into the reality of life, we either die, or become lifeless... too many are such.... ~~redzone

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The End As Means

Searching sometimes becomes perpetual, seeking is method and end on computers, one search leads to another and another becuase the web is virutual infinity - I agree, to live is to constantly search and hopefully find more to research, the learning never ever stops. Last words before death, "But wait, what is ....? - Lady A

Lady A