Money flows up while

every pauper thinks

they have a shot.

No degree, no skills

seem to chip such 

beliefs in liberty stone

and liberty bell



All this talk of that

and this clamors in minds

to clog ears like loud

alarms, like a torch thrust



The mind is capable

if trained to be quiet,

a blank slate for miracles,

a plate to stamp with a



Pitch the news for a neo-view.

Figure and calculate using

eyes and sensory organelles

at the fingertips. Avoid the

sensational stories. Trust

no one but yourself, maybe,

a friend.


Lady A


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Supreme guidance for the

Supreme guidance for the shattered masses who clung to futile "beliefs in liberty stone" and found out it was hollow. With a savvy, delightful voice you unveil a path out of the madness that "clamors in minds", and that way out is the timeless practice of looking within where there is a "blank slate for miracles". 


A beacon of truth, superbly composed. 



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Thanks So Much

We are a great people we earthborn-our capacity to solve us is enormous -- instead we horde the good ideas and water down the great solutions. Time to live large - time is getting smaller. I want a billion dollar yatch. (That's pretty large--;D) 



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Yes, things are pretty messed

Yes, things are pretty messed up, and it's hard to watch so much time and resources being squandered, but you renew my faith that reason still lives. Be well.