Die Cast

A New View


I've been crazy

all my life. I tried

to be sane but it never

worked out.


I attempted being

rational, but it did not

fit my wayward



It is too late to alter

a path foretold at birth,

everyone else practices

their inanities, mine

belong to me.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nailed it!

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only this lifetime.  I've

only this lifetime.  I've been crazy for my last six lifetimes.

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I needed the disturbed perspective explained exponentially. ~S~



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Wise observaions, followed by

Wise observaions, followed by a wise conclusion.  I hope many people will see this very sensible poem.


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Mirror Laughter

For Those we love we play the fool. The crazy part was my attempt at psychotherapy. totally cured! Just a bit wacky now - hmmmmm... :D