A New View


Each wanted another breath

to hear a morning bird hail them

turn back covers and sit up

and peruse things owned.


Each one, aged or new, 

as confused death descended

and the last birth pain out

of this bright and warm womb

fades to the unfeeling unseeing,

will wish for one more breath.


Each one thought it unfair,

the plan was a heavy calendar

a trip, a project to complete,

new doings which will remain

unfinished now.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

13,598 world deaths to date due to COVIN-19. See: worldometers.info/Coronavirus to track statistics.

Thanks for site, SSmoothie.

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sadly, it's already gone up

sadly, it's already gone up since you wrote this

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Beneath The Statistic

Hope - a cure, a vaccine. Good news: people are recovering ~S~