Ode To My Cell Phone


Ah, wee beastie, born of technology

in some sterile lab under the fingers

and direction of scientists in lab coats

who dream of stock market shares

and rising sales figures.


A comfort you are wherever I travel,

with you at my side the world is at

my beck and call. Beloveds know

my name when I use you. They answer

because you are so rare and special.


Oh cell phone! High priority of thieves

and addicted to a site pratitioners,

your dark screen means you are at rest

but when you light up, the black border

is so striking. You are my favorite device

but mostly, I love the way you hold

my hand.










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Dont_punch_grandpa's picture

Nail on the head

Ha ha I really did get a laugh out of this one, it's funny because most people (myself included) cannot even go out of the house without them. It is especially funny to me because my personal cell really is my best friend, but my work cell is like the only thing I have I wish I could lock up so tight I couldn't get it if I wanted too.

"Some people die at 25 but buried at 75" Benjamin Franklin 

allets's picture

Connection At The Speed of A Nano-Second

Now, if only advertisers can figure out how to insert a commercial during a cell phone call - we will have evolved to the highest form of marketing and saleswomanship. Glad to bring you chuckles :D