Medical Limerick

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  • There was a young surgeon from Sidney
  • Whose knives sliced so deeply within ye
  • The heart nearly stopped
  • And lungs nearly popped
  • When he took out one too many kidney.
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  • This brilliant young cutter from Australia
  • Could open you up and fillet ya
  • His scalpel was sure
  • His intentions pure
  • As he sutured inside paraphernalia.
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  • Inexpert saw bones from down under
  • Gave loud howls like a bolt of Thor’s thunder
  • When the patient revived
  • Some say barely alive
  • She shot him for denying the blunder.
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  • Our brilliant physician from out back
  • Asked while dying from blood loss and air lack
  • Bleeding out like the slain
  • He screamed, “Are you insane?”
  • She simply replied, quack, quack, quack,
  • quack.
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  • Stella L. Crews
  • 02-16-17
  • 251p
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Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love a good Lim :D

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Lost all 43 posts on their site. This limerick was stored here and is returned to where poems live best and always. - slc (whew!)


Site shut down for repairs - maybe "Pots and Pans" will be restored. Will see. If I get the work back I will post it here and delete it there. If. - slc



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loved the last two xP

loved the last two xP

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It Took Time

wresting with rhyme and rhythm patterns. I can do 'em okay but still "paraphernalia" is a stretch and a favorite. I may write more. We need laughter. - allets -