Turquoise Bird

Vintage Words


I wish I knew your name

bluest rarity swooping

across my gardens

inspecting nectar.


If there were two

blue birds out back

I'd suspect nesting,

but a sole explorer

passing over stopping

in for a view of colors

as petals and scent

as a reason for

a tarrying is mighty



Say hello to the robins

and the pigeons, greet

an occasional humming

bird that swings in for a

swift sip each morning.


Whatever your name,

the robins will

be jealous and try

to scare you as if

they were grackles


Don't give them more

respect when they

broadcast loudly. Robins

are a mob and like a gang

get territorial.


Remember too that this

is a free garden, grown

for pretty and plain

feathered callers.

Dusk or at dawn no











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bishu's picture

This I really enjoyed

The winged fluttering pieces of nature
In youth we overlooked coz we were immature
Now the sights and sounds
On the same ole grounds
Seem magical & ethereal
Thank you for reopening my old eyes
They were shut for quite some time

fotever yours
Poetry cures
Love endures



allets's picture

Poetry Cures

Pieces of nature captured is fine to do sometimes. After half an hour of reading Wallace Stevens, I feel my eyes are reopened and healing begun. Like that. - Lady A -



Morningglory's picture

Your garden

Thoroughly enjoyed this, lady A!! I could see it all. Course, my mind did all kinds of weird stuff with it. Wish I could type the thoughts without my fingers. But, they already flew away.

Copyright © morningglory

allets's picture

Summer Gone

Autumn brings a whole new crop of blossoms. The birds are loving it and so am I. Fly Hopefulwoman fly! - Lady A -  Wink

ps the gladiolus are beginning to bloom. Lovely.