A Few Wooden Nickles

Vintage Words


So, were these wood coins

in my palm whittled or carved

with an axe? I was warned

not to take any, although

worthless, I like the rough

edged artistry, the

verissimilitude, the cheek.

Warning unheeded, I will not

try to spend them. They

are not real but prison








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bishu's picture

For no apparent reason Huckleberry Finn came to my mind

Do you remenber Huck foregoing much money and giving them away legally to Judge Thatcher



allets's picture

Huckleberry Finn Syndrome

I can see the connection. Don't take any wooden rupees :D



sweetwater's picture

A very interesting and

A very interesting and unusual poem, I was reminded of woodlands, which are so much nicer than prison.  :-) Sue.

allets's picture


are my ticket. I could sell flowers for no less than wooden dimes :D