December 18, 2015

Vintage Words


Dear Diary:


S'been a while,

about forty, fifty

years since I wrote.

How ya been?


Since my last note

I aged a bit. I like to think

I'm wiser. I had some

wisdom a while back,

but I can't remember

where I parked it.


I'm drinking 64 ounces

of water a day. Older folk

need that, so do younger

folk but they supplement

their water with beer

so they don't need

as much as I do.


I enjoy writing to absolutely

no one, like talking things over

with my muse or open air.

It is a way to cleanse my think-

wagon's wheels and oil up

so that when the New Year

gets here, I'll be ready

to find something worth

writing about without rust

or too much squeaking.








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Finsmojo's picture

"I enjoy writing to

"I enjoy writing to absolutely no one" I like this line. I guess because I can relate to it. That's sorta how I feel about mine. Great work, very creative!:)

allets's picture

Thank You, TomBank

Poets are such liars, I enjoy very much writing to be read by other writers. To write and be read is thrilling. Thank you for your kind comment. ~(:D)-  slc



bishu's picture

Respected Diarywriter

Smile Respected Diarywriter,

Caress of the winter air

Swishing through leaves

Coconut palm leaves smiling

In the happy winter breeze



allets's picture

When You Come To 2060 Island

be sure to bring all that "ROCK" with you. Thanks for the poem. Exquisite. - Lady A