What Women Do


Women never reget, a fault

that keeps them falling beneath

the boot of enemies. Their

emotional base is uncorrupted by

other thoughts from weaker minds

bent on issuing insult or fear.


What women do is like folding

a piece of paper until it can no

longer be folded. All that is

left is a tortured piece of wood

pulp that can no longer serve

its purpose.


Women create all kinds of need

to belong. The guilt shows up like

a knight all bloodied from battling

the hordes of the empire. Pain is

intense the ability to physically

feel is diminished.


No one wants to hear a confession. 

This is how women pick up torn or

shredded pieces of themselves and

walk on to wherever their next

misplaced step leads them.








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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

soo true!!!

we really beat ourselves up, worrying too much.  i'm always terrified to say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing.  it's nice when you find that best gal pal that you can tell all this stuff, so u can finally realize we all feel the same way.

allets's picture

Forgive Ourselves

We can do it exactly how we need it - to stick, to make moving on possible. Regret is like sin, you get yourself clean of it and move continue :D slc