Vintage Words


Before the LP scratches

or your tape tears, a DVD

will appear on the market,

chased quick-paced

by the Compact Disk

and USB ports because

the old technology died.


As Sol System wanders

across the universe,

diskettes move from rounds

to squares and before

the newest way to store

data is understood

and learned, wireless

happens and whatever

is on the horizon

to replace access easy

as air. So, you must

quickly buy it and then

want to die.


Evenutally, the plastic keyboard

will be replaced by voice

command only and passwords

will be based on DNA. Just

as you master the one time

science fiction futuristic means

of transmitting data or writing

a letter, the next new thing

will be born, but old and weary

you will die.







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9inety's picture

Like it

reminds me of something I wrote long ago



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

allets's picture

Wow! Just Read It!

A trip down 20st Century world lane. I think there's a great movie idea or two in there. Just re-reading some old stuff. Wheeeeeeee! - slc