Absolute Joy

A New View


Mirth and outright laughter

I wish for you and yours. Fun

and playfulness to keep

the world circling the universe

in spirals of bliss.


I wish every human on Earth

the absence of gloom, dismay, 

joylessness. Lay trouble on the doostep

and enter the house where joy hangs

on the walls like paint.


Let the sun rise and greet the smiles

it left yesterday at sunset. May the moon

repose and send pleasant tides in dreams

to make you smile when sleep ends.


Smiles are magic moments that come

like flittering canaries filling the skyscape

with color, spiraling into patterns that bring

contentment. That is what I wish for you

now, until you die, and after.






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bishu's picture

Smiles are magic

Smiles are magic = wow words Ms Respected Stallets



allets's picture

Thanks For The Visit

over wind tossed waves and the deepest depths. stallets - nice calling. U R soooooooooo creative. ~slc~