My Baby Girl

It seems like it was yesterday when I held you for the first time.
Your big blue eyes staring up at me.
It was an instant bond that will never be broken.
Watching you grow, the closer we became.
Today you are no longer a little girl, but beautiful young lady.
Although I can not stop you from growing, my love for you will continue to grow.
No matter how big you get, or where your life may take you in the future
You will always be my Baby Girl!

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On second reading, this poem

On second reading, this poem is even finer---like rare wine.


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Experienced that in November

Experienced that in November 1989, with my daughter Bethany.  She has given me two grandchildren, with a third on the way, but she is still my Baby Girl.  She was trained as an LPN and has cared for my several health problems as I grow older, but the bond still goes all the way back to that frosty autumn morning when I held her for the first time, as her mother recovered from the C-section.


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Sometimes we wish time would

Sometimes we wish time would go by fast for one reason or another but I never want them to grow up.

Allen exel

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Yep That Is How I Goes

You remember the whole life and love every year - slc