Within each man woman and child you will find the dark side of a husk, growing and never faltering, I am the abyss, your depression, your pain, your primordial hate; some will fall, and some will rise.

Hell itself resides within us all at some point or another, be it you next? Are you an angel or are you a thing of purgatory? Young bleeding hearts may feed my strength, I am the wolf, stalking my prey from the deep sanguine shadows; I will stain your infant world with horror.

If you stare into me I will always stare into you, the old may be blind but the young can see me just fine: the distorted siren of your soul; the holiest light may never scorch me.

Vulnerable hearts change their devotion, love for life turns to love of emotion, manifesting within yourself like a melancholy potion. Burning against your skin, my pain is cured by no lotion.

At the end of it all you're all bound to fall, after life you descend to that hellish hall, a life full of gall of posturing and acting tall you'll find your corpse a shell ever so cool.

For what am I?

The Abyss, slayer of young hearts and taker of arrogance.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first EVER poem. After writing two novels I decided to try my hand in a new field of creative writing, I wouldn't expect much but any feedback is welcome nonetheless. Thank you for surviving this mess of a piece...

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