Silent Struggle

In Loving Memory

Silent Struggle

The morning dawns bright and clear

The sky grows brilliant blue

The dew it glistens silently

Now embraced, GOD holds you

For in the spring we think of life

And all that is reborn

The trees have buds, the flowers bloom

And yet our hearts are torn

For though we can embrace the fact

That Peace envelops You

Your valiant struggles these past years

Show your strength and courage too!

So many times as we recall

The memories of shared past

Your love and special spirit (Christie)

In our hearts and minds will last

For many were the little things

For others you would do

Home-baked treats, or handmade gifts

Are just to name a few

Your friendship which so many valued

Is a treasure with no bounds

For if there ever was a need

Your generosity and love expounds

A gentle word, a listening ear

Your ever ready smile

Qualities that you possessed

You cared that extra mile

So often in this life we live

Are we blessed enough to find

The spirit who flies next to us

Now beloved one's come to mind

For you and Keith created one

A gift from GOD above

Yet your short time together spent

You shared the bonds of LOVE

The bond between a mother and child

So precious beyond compare

And Yet Cassandra's filled your heart

Your love uniquely rare

But it's with the look of wonder

Through our child's eye we see

The many things that make life grand

Are put to memory

A child's first words, to when they walk

Are but a step in time

For soon the years have crept on by

The seasons pass sublime

A rainbow after springtime showers

Silver linings surround a cloud

The sunshine setting dusky rose

As sparrows sing aloud

We may not always understand

At times life seems unfair

For silently you struggled through

The burden no longer to bare

And yet we question still the Lord

As to why this happened to be

That one so loved and cherished

Could be taken far from me

For never more to feel your touch

Or hear your gentle voice

To see the sparkle of your eyes

Through your pain I do rejoice

For GOD with his infinite wisdom

Did seek to comfort give

My memories hold you close within

Till that time when together we'll live

For spring is not an ending

But the promise that GOD gave

To search our hearts,  believe,  have faith

And "Our Souls"  HIS LOVE . . . will save

Please . . .

Remember in my passing through

You touched my life as I touched you

And never will we be the same

For you gave me life, my home, my name

But most of all you gave me love

The greatest gift from GOD above

Remember as I'm laid to rest

GOD holds me closely to HIS breast

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A tribute to Christie - a young mother who passed away from cancer.      
Given to Gae, Jim, and Cassandra
May 1990
By Becky  Shaw

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shawon1982's picture

ma'am i like your poems. specially this piece is very wonderfully written and so the rhythm. nice and vivid.
wish you all the best. i will love to see your comment on my works. i will consider them as your blessings.

Dr. Zayed Bin Zakir Shawon