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Salt Lake City, Utah

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Writing, ART, painting, drawing, etching, music, sports, reading, gardening, cooking & baking, & ....being mischievious!!!

currently under "extreme makeover" redecoration and construction
"Bio-hazardness condition"

About My Navel

AAhhhh......well some wish they had "innies" and others wish they had "outies!!!" I am Ahhhsomely-delighted in the "betweenie" I have!!

But this poses quite a dilemma .....who came up with these names anyway.....innie? outie? navel? Belly Button? I mean some people prefer to put "buttons" on clothing, some put "buttons" on pillows and some on their furnishings!! It is now expected that you will have "buttons" in your cars & trucks, "buttons" on or elctronics, "buttons" on your toys! Some have "buttons" in their hair, in their ears, in their mouths-on their tongues, or "buttons" peircing their "buttons" and then on other "unmentionable places!!" Oh and then there are those who have "button" noses.....or have you
ever been told...."Oh!!You are as cute as a "button" Have they just complimented me or insulted me? hmmmmmm? Now there are those out there amoung you who just prefer to "push someone elses "buttons!!," Or maybe you tell them to "button your lip," or "button" up!! Or your little ones....saying; "button" TV it said......or "button" the phone you said I could.....

And who can forget...."button" ..."button"...whose got the "Button?" I DO!!

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''Some men see things as they are and say; ''Why?''....I dream things that never were and say; ''Why Not?''


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