Crashing down

Sometimes it takes life crashing down all around you for you to realize who you really are and what you want to be. Sometimes it can be a challenge to dust yourself off and get back up and keep putting in work to better yourself. I know being lost can be incredibly scary, but sometimes beautiful. When you reach the point in your life where you ask yourself what you are fighting for, and you have an enormous list of reasons, is the moment you will realize how strong you actually are. Sometimes life can kick your ass and knock the wind out of you. Leaving you on your back contemplating your future looking at the stars. We like to blame god for our struggles rather than ask him for strength to fight our demons. I know I have a few demons of my own I fight on a daily basis. They go by the names of Fear. Lust. Isolation. Wasted Potential. and Anger. You can tell by your own eyes when these demons possess you leaving you paralyzed unable to move. Pacing as your head is spiraling with swirling racing thoughts. Causing storms of explosive arguments between you and your conscious. Routing out evil can be rough. It can leave you exhausted and mentally vacant. To realize your struggles and identify your pain can put you in a crippling state of confusion. Getting caught in thought loops can be debilitating. Finding balance and constancy in your emotions requires extra strength sometimes. many people who are selfless and try to be the reason for others peoples happiness is to strengthen their own. Life can be a little weary so helping other people cope with their personal demons causes you to cast away your own. Emulating positive energy into your world acts like a lightning rod that works as a conductor that brings in currents of light into your life. You cannot be strong one hundred percent of the time. Sometimes life can sneak its way through your back door and pin you down. The real fight is getting back up. and motivating yourself to keep moving. Life was never meant to be traveled alone. Sometimes it takes some friends to pick you up off the ground and give you strength to keep going. I have absolutely no idea what my next chapter in my life will include. But I feel as if tomorrow will be the first page Sometimes the only change that needs to happen in your life is your current mindset. Paradise is not a destination. Its a state of mind. Turn your traumas into nirvana's. Life is a journey. It can be confusing at times to understand. But current situations prepare you for your future. Everyone has at least one thing in their life that frustrates them. Its how you cope with that frustration that shows what type of person you are. i am doing the best I can. I hope I can get through my struggles and inspire others and show them how to fight their own demons and ghosts. If you are feeling stuck, Know you are never alone. life is constantly changing. Brace yourself for what happens next. Find your balance. Find your inner peace. And enjoy the little things. Life is beautiful. Never spin yourself to believe otherwise

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Hey, that was very

Hey, that was very inspirational! I'm sort of the same way. Please look at my works to.

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Never Spin Yourself

Aw, why not? Liked this - Lady A  Wink