I had a dream I passed away, The funeral was a reflection of who I was as a person.The funeral home was unprepared for the amount of touched people Each reflecting back upon a memory of something I have said, or did. Nobody was sad. In fact the whole room was bright and people were smiling. each sharing their stories of the adventures in the past. People from every aspect of my life. Many people I never met in person. Reporters and people so moved by my life all got together to pay their respects. tears from every spectrum of emotion were let out. Many people I knew gave their speeches. And It was open casket so I could view it all. unable to close my eyes. taking in it all. seeing the true emotions on the peoples faces as they are still in shock at the loss of my presence. Nobody is surprised by the love I radiated and emulated  in life. Nobody. Besides me.

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Was this is a real dream? So

Was this is a real dream? So surreal. Perhaps a celebration of life, when in death?

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Dead Eyes Open

Nice motif. Brow rose at tear spectrums ~Lady A~