The Influence

falling over my own words 

speaking in reverse 

spinning webs trying to cleanse

my heart and soul. 

talking in circles. 

speaking melodic and headnotic. 

i strive to be hypnotic without falling off topic. 

let it go. and flow thru me. 

conduct these currents and throw them back at you. 

wrapped around my finger. 

finding strength in sentiment. mental. 

my mind I give it out for rental. 

I am a vessel of light. to fight the dark of the night. 

mercy me. let me meet the maker. be a creator. 

give back to the sand and dirt of witch we came. 

stars and fast cars a synopsye of manufactured bullshit we all love. 

we are diluted by false profits that make us resent the beauty of breathing 

concieveing negativity being born of starvation. no food for thought. 

might as well be lost in a spot we ever so not. 

get locked into. detached from the world. 

detached from addiction. a rendition of malnutrition. 

we are the liers. we are the tries. 

I am demonic and your savior. 

the worst of the best to put sanity to the test. 

dig your graves with your mile markers. 

a fire starter. let freedom ring with an enslavement siren. 

we are blind mice. with head lice. 

nobody wants us. nobody loves us. 

we love to lust and try to wander in a wanderlust wonderland 

to escape the lack of power over our own spirits. 

raise awreness be selective. vindictive. 

burn your bibles and preach your own words. 

live in as a cynic just to rob the rich of virtue. 

bless you, with heart complication. pills and false salvation. 

kill or be killed. so many graves i filled. 

magic and dark arts to control the envy in the distilled water we drink. 

poisoned with lullabies that keep us distracted as we pray to our american idols. 

wishing to sing to achieve a false dream instead of beauty and mesmerizing the love of your surroundings. 

take in the eclipse we are here to be lead down a hallway to a firey pit of 

realizations acusations. depravations and suicidal conversations. 

turn your back on your gods and govern yourself. 

a rule of thumb. put your finger on the trigger. point at the figure 

and put your passion on blast. dreams are meant to last. 

instead of selling our souls for idealisms and gimicks that make us senseless. 

where is anger. where is the fuck you I am my own embodymeant go? 

bang up. rail blow. let it snow. drugs come love goes. 

but I couldnt tell you witch way the wind blows. 



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Which Way

nope, not dylan, not thicke, slim shady visions haunt this - it's in my head now - nice direction ~Lady A~