South Lyon Lions

Too many times we get lost in our emotions. 

many of witch are over anaylized thoughts that are so farfetched 

they barely exist in reality. 

its the beauty in the let down. 

we get crushed becuase to often we end up rushing things. regretting things. 

its not easy deciphering the meaning of love and life. 

many battles. many trials. pain and misguided signs will be on that road. 

ive lost my way. in whitch sometimes I wonder if ill find my way back. 

I sink into my doubts and deceptions of misinterpreted emotions

lost in our own minds we find ourselves reclusing to many places we wish to hide. 

we run away from our homes. 

kill what we love and burn all the memories of our past. 

to get rid of all feelings. Its not worth regtretting such things. 

it only brings further misery. 

never travel another ones mind without a tour guide. 

you will end up in the waste of loves. 

and trapped in a place you know you never would love. 

push comes to shove. we are all adiquiate in forgetting directions. 

we all lose our way. it kills to let you go. 

but it kills to let you stay. 

so whitch way to I try to rest my conscience on. 

ive wasted many months thinkings such things. none of witch I accomplished anything. 

I got to let you go. 

in sight. in mind. You are toxic. I am blind. 

you carry me over into confusion. 

where I over stay my welcome to where its an intrusion. 

I might be wrong. I might be right. 

but this shouldnt even be a fight. 

better to fall then lose it all. 

You will one day find out. everything you thought you knew was wrong. 

what you wish you had is now gone. 

it was in your possession for  so long. 

but never apperciated and used up for far too long. 

it decided to flee. ad release himself from your gridlocked emotions. 

its hard at first but these days I cant be craving your thirst. 

time to let it go. You are not good for me. 

I dont know how to let myself know. 

breaking my own boundaries just to feel you. 

understand this mess I made. 

and why I still struggle to keep my bed made. 

closing time. empty out my closet. Its moving out of my mind. 

I am sorry, you are so blind. 

you will see me thrive. as you are stuck becuase of pride. 

and you will blame me and say I left you behind. 

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