Life Warrior

Maybe there is no better life. 

Maybe there is only right now. 

And how you feel decides

Between resentment and paradise 

These are not places 

These are states of mind. 

You can pack your bags full of gold 

Or you can carry the gold in your heart. 

Care not for what others are doing 

Think for yourself. 

If you are angry frustrated and worried 

It's your thoughts that make you that way. 

Care not for what you have 

Focus on actions. 

Not talking of actions. 

Make your impulse decisions 

Bennifit your future. 

By bennifiting the now. 

How do you feel? 

Do wish to continue that feeling. 

If not. Change your thoughts. 

Everyone has been cheated robbed 

Rejected and left behind. 

So you are not alone. 

Care not for what you loss. 

Only focus on what you gained

If in your current situation 

You only gained pain 

Then you have acquired strength. 

You will get stronger. 

Cut off your guilt. Regret. And saddness. 

It's not how much you have. 

It's how you use with what you have. 

Don't define yourself. 

Speak highly of yourself 

And the rest of the world will follow. 

Remain calm. Face your fear. 

Until there is no fear left. 

Then press on. 

Life is a fight. 

So live like a warrior.

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last line. something to ponder ~Star~