One Second; Glance

That one split second, a moment in time,

A division of forever, that dub of heart,

And “ahhh” of breath;

The distance of a pulse over the length of a glance,

The end of a search,

And the beginning of what is found.

See, feel, hear, a million things at once…

Yet once is not enough,

A phrase as such surfaces continuously

As a conscious dream;

Of day, of night, of life;

An imagined moment,

Playing and replaying in the mind,

For hours, days, weeks…

Sometimes a single movement in a scene,

Others a complete performance,

Spanning seconds, spanning a lifetime,

Listening to the awkward silence,

Watching her actions…

And finding myself repeating my own,

I walk on…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after nearly walking right into a girl in the mailroom. It was just one of those weird moments where you're staring into one another's eyes and you're not sure what to say...except for 'excuse me.' I kept thinking about it the whole day and it just snowballed into this.

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Jere''s picture

You have traced the contours of the experience with accuracy, and artistic touch.