The Unforeseen

Just when you didn’t think…

When hope was an excuse to smile…

When the mediocre seemed the only way

(Perhaps one better than yourself)…

“Everyone struggles…”

“Nothing comes easy…”

But words only serve to deepen the lies within,

To mask the tears beneath;

It is said everything in life works itself out,

And though it may not seem so at the time,

It is for the better.

What lies around the bend is often unforeseen, unexpected,

Whether a touch of heart, flesh, mind…

It shall reassure, self-assure…

And give you something to be grateful for.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after an audition in which I thought I did really terrible...just kind of an inspirational kind of thing. Turns out the audition went really well I guess there's some truth to this poem.

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April Spinks's picture

i really like this poem. it is written very well and a lot of truth is put forth in it. you're a very passionate writer and i find it easy to relate to most of these poems. keep writing!