Just a Memory

Palm to palm, fingers wrap around,

Eyes closed, souls open,

Swaying against the midnight breeze,

Falling into the early morning hours,

Whispering, smiling, remembering,

Holding on as we prepare to let go,

Reliving moments, reliving our recollections,

Times so far away, yet so near,

So close, one could touch them,

And just as easily watch them turn to dust,

Thoughts, questions, wonder,

Anticipation, fear, anxious, curious,

What are we to meet as we embark

Upon our separate voyages into

The vast unknown that is the rest of life.

Neither wants to release,

As if the embrace will hold back time’s advance,

All we know becomes all we knew,

And we realize what we still have,

Knowledge of is very little, of no great use,

If we let go we must go on,

If we stay near we must go on,

Hours rest upon the head of a pin,

Then life changes, in a moment…

No event triggers this realization,

But instead all prior events have

Built up to this very moment,

If we were to stay, we shall regret,

We can be neither afraid nor childish,

As we have grown, so must our spirit,

Experiences yet to be experienced,

We must part, we must go on,

Unaided by another,

Without a leading hand as in our dance,

So Long it has been coming,

And now that it is upon us

So Long we must say together, to one another.

To find ourselves, to be ourselves

To live as we desire,

To suffer as those before us have,

To labor in the name of our dreams,

To face our own reality,

And elope into life with our destiny,

We are now the only ones to have the power

To shape our walk on earth,

To inherit all that remains and is yet to be…

Our feet stop in their endless circle,

Knees tremble with all we’ve shared,

Closer than before, yet –dust; as a memory,

Nothing to hold, nothing to change,

Our life thus far is in the past,

Just as this very same moon

Shall never again drift across the sky

And hang over our heads as it has tonight,

It was beautiful while it existed,

But now it is gone, carried across nights yet to come,

Here we stand, in the moment of departure,

As when we first met,

In an uncomfortable silence,

Where neither knows what to say,

Only there is nothing more to say,

For it has all been said,

The first night has become the last

And reincarnated to the first,

Day breaks free from the horizon of rooftops,

We part ways, slowly, surely,

As our last night becomes

…Just another memory.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by one very long moment I shared with a close friend at her graduation party.

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Kirsty Matthews's picture

It's really beautiful, the way you write is amazing, I love all of your stuff.
Catch y'later :)

Michelle Duvall's picture

You made me tear up! Damn you! j/k :) Mine was '99, but I know these feelings well. Your words took life and jumped off the page at me. I know you'll do great in Boston. Keep writing cause I'm sure you know, your journey has only just begun.