Goodbye Goodbyes

Heads down in our sea of green,

Bowed in benediction, in remembrance,

Caught amidst the silence of prayer,

The flurry of the speaker’s words,

The memories of my first eighteen years,

And of my last four,

All, episodically recalled, dissected, interpreted,

As though I had never had any recollection,

Thus far in my life, of my life,

Thoughts that seemingly have nothing in common,

Find grounds upon which to conjoin,

Weaving these pieces of string into cloth,

Heads arise with a new look upon familiar faces,

As a leaf when overturned,

Then, the realization that the leaf had been overturned,

That years may pass before we share each other’s presence,

That life is what now awaits.

(May all of you find true love, happiness,

surmount peaks higher than your dreams,

and find the true meaning of life as can

only be envisioned by your own eyes.

I love you all and will miss you dearly.)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My attempt to summarize the myriad of thoughts and feelings I experienced during the graduation ceremony.
This is for all of my friends whom I graduated high school with this weekend.

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DeAnna Shaddy's picture

I really like this one. =O) Your words are intricate pieces of art. Keep on keepin' on, you.

Michelle Duvall's picture

Congrats to you!!! Where you off to now? Great poem. It was not too long ago, I felt those same feelings. I like how you tie together the meaning at the end. I enojoyed this one as always.