Words unsaid are words unheard,

Yet feelings within still feel,

Hearts unloved are hearts unbroken,

For it is impossible to break that which is already in pieces,

The object of my desire is no object at all,

But a woman, an intelligent insatiable woman,

A hand I can touch but never hold,

A voice I can hear but never asked to listen to,

It seems all is lost, yet only found,

My heart’s discovery becomes society’s scapegoat,

And that which I do not have blinds my passion,

A hopeless romantic, hopeless indeed,

In a perfect world, in a perfect moment,

Only one of us would exist,

For two joined at the soul is but one entity,

Yet the breezes and butterfly kisses of dreams,

Soon fade in the absence of companionship.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just something for those of us who have ever loved anyone who we know we could never be with...at least not for the time being.

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Kodi Bell's picture

i really like this poem. i didn't read any of the other ones, yet, but i'm sure they'll be just as good. d:

Michelle Duvall's picture

I really got into this one. Trust me, don't lose that "ideal" picture of what you want. The love you have idle inside you paints a beautiful woman for you, wherever and whenever she might exist. I have myself wrote of the very same thing. I can especially relate to opening lines of this...although each line pulls at my heart strings. Just know your not alone on this one.

DeAnna Shaddy's picture

I know very well the feeling of this poem. Am going through it myself. =O)

Emily Wilson's picture

** that was great poem. Dont give up hope, you will someday find that "ideal" woman.Like they say theres always a special someone out there for everyone, but unfortunatly not for me :( great poem, i love you sense of words**