The Ways I Want You

As a friend with a calming voice,

and a smile that shines through to my soul,

Eyes that find what I've lost,

and a hand that puts everything back into place.

As an intellectual searching, yet complete,

Knowing all that I don't, but willing to share,

With a mind like a distant galaxy,

Mysterious and untouchable, yet somehow reassuring.

As a partner standing by my side,

Upon ground as firm as our embrace,

Fortified by our unity,

Without fear of what tomorrow holds.

As a woman with the beauty of a goddess,

and a laugh that twists my face into a smile,

A charm possessed by no other,

but that possesses everyone.

As a lover with the touch of silken thread,

A glance that entices my dreams,

and a tongue that whispers,

"The ways I want you..."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I like how the title works two ways with the poem here. The inspiration comes from a girl I had a thing for a little while back.

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Jere''s picture

At first, I thought I would pick the best stanza and work from there, but this poem is to perfectly constructed that it is impossible to pick a favorite stanza. I was much impressed, however, in the comparison of her mind to a distant galaxy. This poem is a great achievement, and I wish I had been as talented as you are when I was your age.

DeAnna Shaddy's picture

Love this one for reasons I'm sure many can relate to.
=O) Stirring and wistful. Very well written. Will be
back to read more, so hurry and get more up already.
*lopsided grin*

Liz Borino's picture

I really enjoyed this poem. It has awesome imagry and the emotion is very apparent.

Marianne Chrisos's picture

great poem, very sweet and the ending is great.

dangerous_addiction's picture

I like this poem and your others. thanx for the comments on mine. you seem to be a great writer.. i would have more to say but i pretty much just skimmed through them cuz it's 50 minutes past when i'm supposed to be in bed and i'm kind of in a middle of an argument.