A Storm's Resolution

A pool rises in placid eyes

Waves of temperament crash ashore

Washing innermost passion onto the sandy surface of reality

Tears dance silently down cheeks, pausing with each step

          (As if to look back in hopes of seeing that which has been lost struggling to catch up)

Leaving footprints around sinking castles

As the blinking eye of the sun searches blindly

Reaching down with its rays, grasping for liquid life

While beneath the skin, emotion shivers

Wrapping itself in the coat of affirmation

And tides whisper remorse for leaving such vast seas unguarded; uncharted

Reflection shines inward and of itself

Fingers twitch as fragile twigs on forceful winds

Washed from the sea of life (or from the sea to the shores of life, depending upon optimism)

Now, here, today, in this moment

Under a waning moon

In this waxing life

Flutters light and life beneath these crimson skies

The waters retreat, trickling over, slightly revealing that which once was buried

The lost; engulfed in the deep blue

The air floats crisply as breezes lay against one another

In a world of organic beings with personalities that are not so

Touching fingertips, arousing our senses

The heart is only skin deep, yet hard to touch,

But still, somehow, easy to scar

Tones echo of that which has been

Yet that which remains has not yet had the time to produce such a vociferous sound

So it is found: the calm lies after the storm, signifying a new beginning

An era in which one’s own enlightenment may thrive.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A metaphorical dity that expresses my insight on losing love and re-establishing faith in yourself.

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Jere''s picture

I disagree with the word "dity" in your authorial comment: that belittles this magnificent poem unfairly. This poem is neither a dity nor a trifle: it is, instead, a triumphantly extended metaphor in the tradition of the great French poet and diplomat, Paul Claudel. He would have recognized you as a kindred soul in poetry; I certainly do.

Anna Dufour's picture

Captivating. You formed a mental, metaphorical picture that was delightful to all the senses. Excellent ;)

DeAnna Shaddy's picture

Wow. So much wisdom for one so young. A fresh,
liberating look at what was and can be. Again, please
write more. Your talent and thoughts evoke a
sense of calming trust that few have left in this world.

Brooke Stepp's picture

This is absolutely delightful. Beautiful Imagery. I love it. Keep writing. I love the deep emotions that you convey

Maarja Kolberg's picture

Adam, beautiful thing you've written. I like your style, your word choices are amazing! And the feeling and inspiration you get from reading your poem is amazing.

Michelle Duvall's picture

Adam, I wish I could write like you! I love your style, and I knew before I read your own comment what I thought it was about, and I was right. Right now, I think I also need a new beginning, and some re-newed faith in myself. The poem of mine you read yesterday, I actually wrote yesterday. Again, I loved your poem, and I'll be sure to stop by your site soon.