She is my fire,

Feeding, burning, yearning.

She sways with each gentle breath,

Like kindred timbers.

She dances across my eyes;

A reflection refusing to fade.

The world douses her flame,

Trying to extinguish all we have built.

Her embers scattered into the wind,

Yet, I stand, the invisible breeze.

Within my arms, her embers are never ashen,

Cradling her eternal amber glow.

Adam Rice

Copyright ©2001 Adam Rice

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is published in a book and a poetic audio collection. It's one of my first.

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Daniel Kolevatov's picture

very warm piece. i can see why it was published. -Dan

Michelle Duvall's picture

I really like this poem. my mind paints a picture with your words...

Kasey Renee's picture

This is a really sweet poem. If a guy gave me a poem like that, I would melt right then and there. Keep up the good work, you have a real talent. Kasey Renee C/O 2003!

Helen Schmidt's picture

Adam, You have written a very beautiful, compelling poem! I enjoyed it very much. Helen

Jenna Willms's picture

You have a way with words. I love it. ~*Jenna*~

Moniqué  R's picture

Wow.. The imagery is incredible.. She's damn lucky :) Later, Monique

Kristine Snow's picture

I liked the poem...great imagery...and wonderful title. Kris