I dreamed about you yesterday


We talked about how it had been a long time

Since we were last face to face


And the experiences we had

While the other was away


In this false reality I saw somthing new

I saw love in your gaze

And I believed it to be true


You read out a poem you wrote

It consisted of my own wording


It was a heart felt love letter

Forged by a mind diluted and yearning


Your words haunted me

As my mind furthered the fiction


A beautiful girl

In such an imaginary position


Forward you leaned

Approaching me for a kiss


And as our lips met

I recalled creating this


Your body was ethereal

Your speech was vague


You were filled with passion

This was not our true fate


So I held that moment

I captured it in my mind


A love dream of you

Featuring a letter I forged and signed

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Highlighted the text and

Highlighted the text and pressed "speak" to hear it being read out to me while in the background Franz Liszt's "Liebestraum"  played in accompaniment. By the time the last three stanzaz were being spoken the realisation sunk in. The reality and the dream melded together in the reader's mind and soul. Thanks for sharing.

here is poetry that doesn't always conform

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That closing line is truly

That closing line is truly impressive, beautiful