They flutter about whenever I hear,

The soft sweet voice of my dear

They fill me with such a feeling inside

I cant control these butterflies

Every night when I think of him,

And when across my face there is a grin,

They send dreams of his face against mine,

That makes me feel like I’m losing my mind.

As the sun rises above the trees

Shines in my faces and awakens me,

The butterflies, they do go crazy,

As I remember everything that happened in my dreams.

In class I can barely participate,

I only think of how he and I are fate

They then bring such a bright giant smile to my face,

That makes my teacher wonder what’s my case.

Sometimes I wonder how I can get rid of the butterflies,

But then suddenly I realize,

I can never get rid of them, they will never be gone,

For they come from my heart, the heart that he has won.

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Nick Mylan's picture

This poem reminds me of how great love can be, if you find the right person of course

Latonia Shelton's picture

awww....i love this poem...i wish it were mine....however mine revolve around depression and death more though