Oath Of Loyalty

Here we walk into the unknown,

Hand in hand, together as one.

Along this winding road we go.

Where it will lead us, nobody knows.

The journey ahead is full of mystery.

We can only wonder how it will turn out.

Will we still be united in the end?

Or will we be sworn enemies, separated by hatred?

Some parts will be blissful and happy

Where nothing ever goes wrong,

And everything will always be perfect.

Almost like we’re at the gates of heaven.

Yet other parts will make us feel

As if we’re in the seventh circle of hell.

With so much pain, anguish, and torment,

To make us want to stop our voyage and go on home.

I know not what we will face along the way

Or how we’ll cope with all the problems we’ll have,

But I do know one thing for sure.

No matter what happens and how much I’ll want to quit,

I’ll never ever leave your side

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Nick Mylan's picture

This poem speaks the truth... Ive felt this way many times and no matter what Ive never left their side. They left mine :(