This Feeling

Seasons have come an' gone,

Since you left that day,

Soaring o'er the sun-lit sky

To rest in comforting peace.

Yet I still think of you on my travels,

Your kind smile, brave features,

Withered away by some terrible beast,

Whose cruelty knows no bounds.

Shafts pour through the clouds,

I know 'tis you who is saying,

Everything is alright now, I'm safe,

I no longer know the meaning of pain, suffering.

To look at you once again,

Brought happiness to my heart,

Your smile lit up the wall,

Your eyes shone back at me.

You flew to those bright lands,

O'er the rainbow of freedom,

Leaving us to mourn for you,

But also celebrate your life.

You are sleeping now, my beloved,

Your spirit is free!

You fought a good battle,

A warrior's heart thy beats,

But thy Father reached out to thee,

An' said, "Come to me, my Son."

You are my guardian angel,

My ray of hope and joy,

You watch from above,

With each passing day.

I keep your mem'ry locked away,

In a secret place in my heart.

Your courage gives me strength,

To continue on in this life.

Share the long sleep with others,

Beside the waters of eternal shores.

An' when the time comes,

Death will furl its wings around me,

I shall reunite with you once more,

An' cross through the Gates for'ver.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was at my aunt's last night and she has a picture wall with some photos of my late uncle, which definitely brought some tears to my eyes. RIP Uncle Dave <3333

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