Whether Christian, Jew,

Muslim or Hindu

Do you think he will differentiate?

When he wants to shoot me or you?

We need to break them down

And not between us frown,

As the innocent here we hate,

We will seal our own fate

And give them what they want on a plate.

For when we blame and argue,

They quietly find a way through.

Firing back they will not stop,

But the innocent population will surely drop.

Words of love, truth, faith and humanity,

May unlock their hearts to be free

And minds brainwashed they will see.

Their intentions they will fail to achieve

That as humans we naturally believe;

Strength in numbers, goodness and dedication,

May make them think and fall back.

Instil fear and hesitation,

Rather than to stand and attack.

It may cause a distraction

And correct their misinterpretation

To drop their arms and 

Result in godly inspiration.

But we need to take action,

To stop this destruction

And see real positive progression

We need to be together 

And trust one another

Let’s combine our motivation

Ignore political contradiction

To be united, a community,

Not just in faith or religion 

But the army of humanity,

Shoulder to shoulder

Treating each other with dignity 

To show evil that we are better,

With no fear of mortality.


For the Mahdi (Saviour), 

We are waiting patiently

Isn’t He awaiting the hour

When we will be ready?


The media may brand Muslims 

As terrorists but are we?

The ignorant have labeled

Us to be such people

Then let us show the world

Let’s please God, and show the Saviour

That we can be true ISIS.

But not the knife wielding monster,

Rather the defenders of who?

Not just our brothers, But sisters too

In faith, religion and humanity through.

Let’s show them the ISIS that

Our religion allows us to be

Which is just simply,

Inspirational Souls In Society.


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As long as there are fools

As long as there are fools who do not appreciate the love of the creator, and want to control people through fear this is an unlikely prospect in any belief system. Every man has tried to recon textualize holy scriptures to justify their gains using the innocent and trusting, broken and angry, hurt and rejected to manipulate people. True belief requires no leadership just a connection with the creator in the heart and soul. We all know what good is and feels like it's a place felt in the heart and not justifiable by the soon as any man tries to enforce their own beliefs and worship style on others the devil has won. Do you not think that the creator of the world would not come to the world in every corner of the world and show them how to connect with him as we are all connected?  The creator is beyond our understanding and by no means limited in any way. Peace is peace in any corner of the world. Man is the weakest creation for man does not know his place in the world but rather thinks he can own it and control it. Peace be with you. And every other man who seeks the creator and peace is theirs those that know the creator.who is of them as they are of the creator with free will.

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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Southern Christian Baptist Pulpit Sermon

Unless they are Baptists, and Baptists only, they are not going to Heaven. We are polarized here and Islam after nine eleven and more recently, the call from ISIS for sleeper cells to activate (& 2 more incidents since Paris) has put pressure on every believer in Allah world wide. Don't feel singled out - we are all suspects and under surveillance here. It's Orwellian prophesy activated - slc