I want to come home

Cannot feel, cannot think

Numb inside and out i begin to sink
Screaming for help seems to be a waste of breath 
For no one will come to save me from death
There's no escape, the exits are blocked
How will I get out of this? All doors are locked
I will just accept that this is the end
And say goodbye to family and friends
Spinning faster and faster in a whirlwind of pain
No Relief in sight this is the end of Shane
The cyclone speeds up now the room is a blur
Then suddenly I see a vision of her
The winds start to settle and the twister subsides
If it wasn't for her this would be my demise
Surely I wouldn't find the strength to go on
If she didn't push me I would be saying "so long"
I cannot believe this is happening to us
I wish we could buy a ticket and hop on a bus
Run far far away to escape from this place
This is one of those things that always keeps pace
Stepping on my heels no matter how fast I drive
I just have to cope, be with her, and thrive
Our lives will go on as long as we're together
I'll stay by her side no matter the weather
My love for her is stronger than pain
There's no need to hang my head low in shame
It hurts so much I can't hold it in any longer
No need to be perfect today, eventually I'll be stronger
I will just release emotion in a waterfall of tears
Even if it flows steady for years and years
She will hold a tissue below my eyes to catch the drips
Rolling off my nose at home and during trips
Around the world, we're the four corners of a square
My beautiful family Bec, Hunter, and Bear. 
I cannot stop crying, I want to come home
To never leave your arms I feel so alone. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Always trying to better myself,

wish I could get it right. 

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running_with_rabbits's picture

I would argue that if you are

I would argue that if you are always trying to better yourself then you are getting it right after all :)

Much Love


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This was very heart felt. I

This was very heart felt.

I liked your poem but it did make me cry.

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Hey Rhymer

Welcome to post poems. Looking forward to reading your work. ~allets~