My Favourite Pastimes at Christmas

Seasonal Holidays:


Many traditional customs are encompassed in the celebration of Christmas; and an older celebration called Yuletide, that intergrated a lot of the so called "pagan" festival's forms of celebration.

Both these traditions are celebrated in order to welcome the battle of good, light, life and salvation versus the bad, darkness, death and evil; with the positive elements of life winning.

The count down to Christmas is very exciting for me; from sending Christmas cards to buying presents for relatives and of course planning the Christmas lunch.

Some of my relatives live quite some distance away from me and cannot visit over Christmas. However, I  always enjoy the company of my son visiting for Christmas lunch. 

Occasionaly I have also had Christmas lunch with nearby relatives i.e. my mother and sister, and enjoyed their company in celebrating Christmas time as well.

I think everyone enjoys opening their presents on Christmas day and I am no exception; it's a day of pleasant surprises, which I eagerly look forward to.

The Christmas lunch is a lovely family get together; this year I have decided to cook, the traditional turkey lunch; followed by Christmas pudding or trifle and some mince pies.

I usualy ring my relatives on Christmas day to wish them a Merry Christmas and my grandchildren like to tell me what presents they received for Christmas and to thank me for the presents I sent them. These Christmas phone calls to my grandchildren are always full of excitement, jokes and laughter.

After lunch and the Christmas phone calls are over: I usualy settle down to watch a film I have recorded; or even a favourite drama series. My son and I usualy watch these programmes; open our presents,  we left under the christmas tree and share chocolate, kernel, fruit and also have a drink: mine being a non - alcholic one.

I am looking forward to Christmas 2014; Christmas has always been a favourite time of the year for me.

By Anita Griffiths

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I hope your Christmas's are wonderful too.

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Christmas Cheer 2014 to you & your family Respected Ma'am AG

♥ Merry Christmas to you & all your family ♥



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    Merry Christmas to you



Merry Christmas to you and your family too bishu for 2014. Thank you for commenting on my prose "My favourite pastimes at Christmas" I am pleased you took time to read it and also to comment.