A Day At Porthcawl Fairground:

Children's Prose:

As a small child I loved going to the fairground. There is so much to do and see at the fair.

The whole family went and we made a day of it; arriving about lunchtime and firstly having lunch at the fairground's restaurant.

I enjoyed the various rides there; you could ride a swan or other such creatures; all painted brightly and they looked very cheerful.

I recall my sister and I having a go at the ghost tunnel; there were some really impressive ghouls there, when it became scary we clung to each other and shrieked a lot.

As we made our way around the fair; we purchased candyfloss, penny toffees and a sweet candy rock. We ate and munched our way around, with candyfloss sticking to our faces and penny toffees going soft, in the heat of the day.

A few of my favourite rides at the fair were the helter skelter and the carousel. The helter skelter was great; climbing the narrow steps and going right to the top; whilst clinging to my mat, and reaching the top. Looking up at the sky and convinced I was nearly as high as the sky; then looking down at the rallying crowd below. What a bustle of holidaymakers; some looking at us descend the helter - skelter.

Spotting mum I gave her a wave and then it was my turn to go down the slide, perched on my mat, Whoosh! What a lovely time I had, the thrill and excitement at sliding down in circular fashion and with no brakes!! Oops! I've landed at the bottom and with a bit of a bump. Polishing off the toffees, my sister and I next had a ride on the carousel; the horses painted all in gold, with different coloured saddles and such gentle movement, always looked so graceful to me.

As the carousel moved round; I was lost in its motion and started listening to the other ride's music and holidaymakers laughing and enjoying themselves also; the atmosphere was one of a good time had by all.

The novelty of the rides was beginning to wane, so my sister and I thought to have a go at some of the other entertainment and so we made our way to some of the stalls. We tried to win a goldfish but I failed. Mum said "it was probably just as well we didn't win one as it would probably fry in the heat of the day".

Next we tried hitting the dartboard with darts, at this I did win and was given a teddy bear. I named the bear Ben, and took him with me everywhere that day, until I returned home and found a niche for him in my room along with my doll collection.

We went to the penny arcade next and both my sister and I fed one and two pennies into a game; my sister was in luck and loads of small change poured out of the machine. I thought great, enough money to visit the fariground the whole summer through!!

It was soon after this I heard my mum calling our names, we ran to her and she said we could have one more ride before we had to go home, my sister and I chose the watershoot ride. We made our way to the watershoot and excitedly took our seats on the ride. We ascended a great hill; so high I thought we'd be above the clouds. When we eventually reached the top; I had some idea

of the descent, my heart was in my mouth, both of us yelling and screaming in fear and delight.

As we neared the bottom Whoosh and Splash! we got absolutely soaked, but we were so busy shrieking and laughing we hardly took notice. Anyway, it was a really hot day and our clothes soon dried.

When we got off the watershoot mum gave us a bag of popcorn each, and so we walked slowly back towards the bus stop, for the bus ride home.

What a marvellous day at the fair, we had all enjoyed ourselves so much.

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A great family day out at the fairground when I was a child back in the 1960's. Great days.

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Money was scarce in the

Money was scarce in the 1960s. For most children, during that period, a trip to the fair was a marvelous event. The retelling of your adventure is a wonderful story. I always enjoy depictions of childhood.


Very nice. 

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A Day at Porthcawl Fairground:



I am glad you liked my poem and was pleased that you found time to read it and leave your comment; much appreciated cevance.