Pause for Thought 5th Anniversary Party:

Mental Health

Soon we members of Mental Health Matters, will be arranging an anniversary party, a fith anniversary party!!!

The anniversary party we are going to organise is to celebrate five years we have been attending the Talbot Community Center: we meet every Wednesday afternoon regularly and the venue proves interesting to its members  as we involve ourselves at quite a few activities.

In order to create some constructive past times, to help occupy a persons mind and hopefully improve the persons mental health, issues such as, concentration, life skills and social skills. At the moment we have organized amongst ourselves a creative writing class, scrabble and domino's and not to forget the chess games; various workshops from Tai Chi to cookery and yoga. Also arts and crafts and community projects in co-operation with the Police; regarding the Anti Hate Crime Campaigne we are co-ordinating on.

Many mental health sufferers also experience descrimination and various forms of attacks against their person, so helping to launch the campaignes we are helping out and fighting back.

The anniversary party for Mental Health Matters; will be an opportunity to meet old and existing members; I should also say friends and spend some hours celebrating with them. I hope we will be able to hold a raffle, a quizz and play a few games of bingo.

As well as promoting better and improved ways to cope with Mental Health illness; I also hope that the party proves to be a forum to discourage the growing increase, in mental ill health amongst the younger populace, in particular. Especialy through the use and misuse of what is termed as "legal highs"

With the growing use of promotional "legal highs" and it's mental health problems on the increase too: these problems need addressing before the mental health burden becomes unmanagable. Leaveing many mental ill health people that have used "legal highs" and not, without services to back this crisis.

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The teenager, should not involve themselves with these "legal highs" you will become addicted and it will ruin your mind and make you ill. There have to be healthier things to do to be a teenager. Even as a teenager I never took drugs, my mental ill health would certainly not be improved by them either. 

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The degrees are subject to change as the variables change .

Nothing is static. This is a good thing.

 I wish U well.

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  Thank you for commenting



Thank you for commenting about my poem; as you point out, fashionable and unpopular are very fleeting trends: I hope the "legal highs" are abolished. I think also the non addictive marijuana/hash/hemp should be allowed and made legal - for medical reasons.  Thanks KindredSpirit.

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I really felt

Bad for you and people treating you so badly

When all you were doing is to try to live your life.

Life is more difficult because of the people in it. Jmo

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5th Anniversary

Thank you for your concern kindredSpirit: sadly what I wrote is true, some people are so horrid in life and have to go on about themselves all the time.Even push shove so. They spoil things, one consolation is they must have terrible lives to live, with all those bad vibes, as they used to say. Thanks for your concern, much appreciated.