In and Out Cat

My pet cat is bewildering cat: all day, everyday she has to choose whether to come in or go out; she's a very undecided cat.

Maybe it has to do with her age, Tabatha or Tabs I often call her, must be about 17 years old. All day , everyday is her constant cat calling "meow" to plead to be allowed out; which I encourage her in, as we all need a little sunshine and fresh air in our lives and to keep us alert and healthy. Once out she starts up her "meowing"again; to be allowed back in, if it is a nice day I often leave her out for about two hours. However Tabathina the In Out cat is a very resourcefull cat: if the cat can't get in the door; she will often try to get in via the kitchen windows or the bathroom. When this does not work out Tabs will make a frontal atttack, by jumping over the fence and racing for the front door.

Tabatha has coloured glitter toy balls and a mouse catnip to play with: however,all these have been abandoned for a better game of knocking all the fridge magnets off the door of the fridge. Something Tabs is very good at and having knocked them off the fridge door to also see if they will slide across the floor.

When I lived at a previous address, which was very near a retail outlet: Tabatha would follow me up the road, very much like a dog would; she'd then accompany me to the shop and keep me company walking back. If I wasn't shopping at this retail outlet she would know I was going further and then she would make her own way back.

At this previous address the children used various colours of chalk to draw on the pavementl if it was a hot day Tabs used to roll about the pavement, that was covered in chalk, the result was a chalk powdered multi-coloured cat.

Tabath's favourite food is Perle de Gourmet cat food sachets, and of course her "dreamies" cat treat.

Well i will have to finish here as the cat is "meowing" to come in again. Oh! that In Out cat.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Tabathina, my favourite cat and pet.

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