The Devil's Gaze.




What a betrayal

Sexual, violent abuser;

What harm to cause.


Loud remonstrations

To swear ones innocence.

Adds to the horror.


Quietly plots vengence

To harm victim further:

The sick game they play.


One's trust duped.

Everything so bewildering

And also so worrying.


To take innocence

And make shame and guilt

Pretence - you cheated.


Are the abused the fools

Or the foolhardy attacker?

Reckless attacker beware! 


Author's Notes/Comments: 



My disgust at the sexual and violent crimes committed against youngsters, it is such a betrayal of them.

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I like you... Your poems are

I like you... Your poems are intelligent. Keep up the good work 

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  Thank you for your



Thank you for your encouraging remarks regarding my poem The Devil's Gaze. Thank you 48Daniel.

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Disgust for the predator.  A

Disgust for the predator.  A very powerful write. Well written.

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    Thanks for your comments.



Thanks for your comments.