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I started a computer course today.

The content to be studied.

Communications electronic course.


Unsure of the e-mail atachments, you say!

Behind the tutor, I hurried.

And not confident of the "net", don't be morose.


All studied with application will assay.

Success is guarantied.

Soon your knowledge and confidence, I will endorse.


Looking forward to sending those attachments, If I may.

Can't wait to succeed.

Downloads, uploads, folders and files to engrose.


To my sister in Australia - I shall exchange news of the day.

Including attachments or a "net" reference to download my poetry.

Hoping for success with my prose.

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Coming to terms with my computer!!!

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Nice interesting relevant write Respected Mm Griffiths

Nice interesting relevant write Respected Mm Griffiths.Geeks call going to restroom as download & eating as upload!! Sorry I couldn't read The Charity Fund Raiser because it was difficult for my decaying myopic vision(Yellow on white)



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Saw Sue in the papers:



I have edited the fund raiser, Saw Sue in the Papers; and have prined it in black ink this time.