Yfor King of the Welsh




Yfor King of the Welsh


Yfor surrounded by death admist a battlefield.

Corpse strewn: the young pride of the Britons.

The Saxons wrath taken against the Celtic shield.

Celts succumbed, overwhelmed and fleeing the Saxon.

Flight gathering pace: rounding up the Celtic remnants.

Surrounding town and village getting ready to join the flight;

From East Briton comes the Celtic peoples unified in reticence.

Into the West they pour fleeing in the night.

Near the Western county borders they camped; as the moon gained height.

Mournfull cries, sighs and weeping disguise their loss.

Yfor with sword upheld and the fluttering Dragon flag might!

States with heart bursting with pride and loss.

"I declare myself the King of you people ; the Welsh and Wales".

Here we can start again as free peoples!

Word spread throughout the country dales.

Later a coronation to follow declaration amongst the steeples.

"King Yfor, the wise , of Wales"; heralded the cries.!

"King Yfor, the first of Wales": up goes the praise.

To Kingly and Princely divided thrones and loyalties.

Came the crowd to watch and appraise.

But none so splendid and united than Yfor King of Wales.

And reigned Wales for the rest of his days.

Winning to him, the peoples and the glades.

Keeping to him the "traditional ways"



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poetry about an historical account of a celtic peoples having to start anew. On a modern day basis, long live

Independance for Wales, even if supported by only a minority of Welsh in Wales, today.

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this is great!

if only all peoples could be as great as the WELSH,

I am of Irish descent,





"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

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    Thank you for reading my



Thank you for reading my poem and your comment is much appreciated. The Irish have their good side too.