Daintily flying high and gliding low.

Fluttering petal soft wings.

The butterflies alight upon a bough;

Here to rest awhile before taking to wing.

There are now a host of such creatuers.

Entangled and chasing intricate patterns in the air.

Flowers being the hunts main feature.

A sudden breeze hastens the butterflies dispersal.

Toward heaven they take flight and fright.

Butterflies sail and soar by, in refuge, communal.

Alarm over: the flowery scents an attractive delight.

Uniting, momentarily; perched upon the plants.

Dividingly they scatter in swirls of brightly coloured pennants.



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So nice to have a garden to observe nature.

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very well writen such

very well writen such profound words.  the butterfly is one of most beautiful creatures to live this earth yet they don't live very long but i think because of that they know what is means to truely live

Fritz etheart

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Thanks for your kind and encouraging words K.D. Their brief life is full of activity and colour.




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Butterflied Garden Words

Butterflied Garden Words.Lovely,pretty write a.griffiths57.The colour of accentuated the picture very nicely.These tiny marvels of nature are bits of "God" which we can really see. Hats off to your "Ode to butterflies"



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Thamk you for your kind comment, so glad you enjoyed my poem. God is in all creatures including us humans too, I agree with you.