A Summers Day


The sun shines but no real warmth,

A cold wind persistently blows.

In an icy grip,the wind, like tendrils.

Delivers the austere hold on life,

And all whilst the Sun weakly wanes.


Trees rustle as the wind resolutely drives them,

Bending and windswept boughs of blossom and fruit.

Swaying constantly in the wind that has blown ceaselessly,

For weeks on end and cutting short flowering bloom time.

Whilst the Sun eeks out it's Summer high rays.


Cold winds creep across the land; whilst blue is the

Sky above with hardly a cloud in the heavens,

Windswept showers leaves the land languishing.

For want of rainwater, as crops become stunted, sparse

Endeavouring - the Sun though not warm evaporating it all.


Gale force winds drive away the rain, all too fleeting rain,

And the precious top soil, from which all sustenance stems.

Once green and lush, fertile soil, turning barren in the Sun.

Regiments of dwarf foilage bear up against the wind and Sun.

Whilst the earth on an oval  orbit, ice age learning curve.


Anita Griffiths


Author's Notes/Comments: 


Global warming surely has brought about wierd weather patterns.

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I can feel the bleakness as I read your words.  That is a sign of real talent!


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