Lost For Words

Mental Health



So many voices, to hear: cross, angry loud voices;

Conspirital mutterings, mumbling and mirth;

the fear and confusion these voices stirred in me.


These voices becoming so loud; and amplified in volume

And increased in number.

I thought I was in an amplifier; and froze with fright

And excited expectation too.


No divine guidance or help; quite the opposite in fact:

Squeezed out of body and eased out of mind.


Lost in the voices, desolation and isolation:

Lost in their terrible amplification.

Lost for words of my own.


Anita Griffiths

Author's Notes/Comments: 


To all that suffer this kind of ill health.

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Peace in your poetry


I am glad that you have found some peace through your poetry writing. I am sure it would have been challenging, painful yet theraputic  for you to write. 


 I do hope that it graces you with a healthier sense of self and a heightened capacity of joy.

This poem is exceptionally honest and heartfelt, I am sure many other sufferes can realte to this poem. Well done Anita Griffiths !!


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    Thanks for your interest



Thanks for your interest and encouragment in my poetry.