The Topic of Art:

Many artists like to record their life.

Of scenes aboout great aristocrats: or maybe a juggling acrobat!

Paintings recording great beauties and their lives as wife.

Or maybe the forgotten underclasses: appraising the treasures and are aghast!

At this wealth and it's gorgeous and gorged masters.

The wealth of the time: they in poverty could only mime.

With swollen heads the rich arrogantly stride.

Swollen bellies and sunken eyes of  the poor: their hunger they abhor.

Heres another scene; of tall sails and warships; all ready and keen.

For a meal the poor were  "bought", to fight the war.

This is recorded well; as the rich worship and preen.

Whilst  the ships bell sounded and there exploded pitch and tar.

To the bottom of the sea, did the ship sink; first to die were those in the drink.

Flaying, darting figures admist raging fire and explosion.

Died of fear before they entered the sea; nothing left but an empty sea.

All dead and sunk in sullen silence; not a tear shed in passion.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And so are all wars I think. Then its time to trade; so why fight in the first place???

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I just wanted

To let U know you inspired me

 To write a 3 piece thing right now



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Thank you for reading and commenting on my poetry. I am glad that my poetry inspired your work as well. Thank you for your positive comments. Much appreciated KindredSpirit.