Mental Health

To find the right medication for my mind.

Inducing the correct chemical balances.

A healthy and balanced mind; would be kind.

Numerous "legal highs" has resulted in many more intolerances.

The planet and it's population on schitzophrenic overload.

This toll will be costly in mental health bills.

Where will these "self made psyched outs" bode?

When on "legal highs"; the mind it kills.

Enough scorn, stigma and spite.

Mental health and its chaotic episodes:

Bring about a lot of misguided insult;

Amplified internal voices, sound, sights disclosed.

Wil this new me be able to ride these storms?

From out of chaos will come the calms.

To be left wondering how long before chaos reforms.

I hold my crown in my hands by the palms.

Oh! for a  quiet mind, sensible, encouraging, mindfull conversations.

But bellowing, hacking shaking, distorted sounds instead!

To catch these robbers of my mind would be consolation;

How they slip and slide across the eyeball of my mind, until here in my stead.

Possesion by an evil spirit would be less alarming!

The fight to be myself becomes an obscession.

No entity to break my thoughtful contemplating.

To be in full control of my facalties would be a great concession.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've never taken any "legal highs"; but there are an increasing number of youngsters that have and have reported the very strong feelings of addiction as one of it's side effects and also their mental health suffering. I think these "legal highs" are a time bomb for the future - too many ill to be saved by a few will be the result I think.

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The Truth shall set u Free

And I could use a beer

 Right now

 I have that for a cleansing

Of the palate

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For something good

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    Thanks for your words of



Thanks for your words of interest and support.KindredSpirit.

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nice write...   

nice write...   

J meek

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Thanks for your kind comment regarding my poem Mentality, your comment is much appreciated.miss.meek.