Seasonal Holidays:



There's a lot to be said about Tenby.

Quaint little sand-filled coves, a real envy.

Sun baked sand, makes you walk very trendy.

Bare toes scrunching the sand, shoes are really handy.

Sea so clear you can see your toes on the seabed.

Even the rocks and pebbles to be spotted.

Surfer's and swimmers expertly glided.

As for paragliding, I am very undecided!!

The woodland copses that surround this beach.

Where bird and wildlife are thriving each.

Various types of trees that clinging mosses leach.

So much to observe in this picturesque niche.

Appraising the Tenby scenery is a joy.

Venders not allowed on the beach; isn't that coy!

Safe bathing area marked with flags and bouy.

The seaweed snarled, draped and cloy.

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Nice read Respected Madam Anita




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I am glad that you liked my poem about a summer holiday to Tenby, your opinion is much appreciated. Thanks for reading bishu.