Passion and Love

2004 / 2005

a romantic setting

candles lit

music playing

ill strip for u a bit

shake my thing

straddle your hips

my body still tingling

from our passionate first kiss

i want to feel your pleasure

to feel my toes go numb

i want to kiss your lips

i want to give u some

throw u on the bed

your kissing my body

and i still remember

the first i love you we said

feel my pulse quicken

when your hand slips between my thighs

when u kiss my neck and down my back

i feel so high

the numbing feeling that pulses

through our bodies the stars explode

want to stay right here right now

lying in your arms holding me tight

kissing your lips with passion and love

this feels so right

our bodies moving as one

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G's picture

Very sensual, very well written. I can feel what your trying to convey in your text, only real talents can do that.