Flying Free

2004 / 2005

Dancing across the floor

Where everyone can see

All the people are watching

Mesmerized by me

I have a feeling like I’m special

Like I’m a talented beautiful girl

That’s a feeling I’ve never had

You’ve kept me caged up

In your little world

You’ve set the bar so high

You’re so scared to let me go

I don’t understand your logic

I can’t understand why

Are you scared that I can’t stretch myself that far?

Are you scared that I might fall?

You’ve held me back and pushed me down so many times

That now on my knees I crawl  

I'm begging you for some freedom

To breakout into the world

To feel like I'm flying

Like a gorgeous fairy girl.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about my parents.. as most of my poems are... and its about society as well

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I like it.